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The old man spun

Drawing Draw a magic pine.STRAW HATS Japanese fairy tale Very long time ago in the small village there lived a poor old man with the wife.The old man spun cash desk big straw hats for sale, and his old woman strove on economy.Once, in the eve of New Year, the old woman looked in the rice also saw a chest that rice there was one pathetic handful.In that day dropped out snow so deep that they could not collect straw for hats.The old woman sighed and put on fire water to weld the rice rest.Here from a mink in a wall there was a little mouse.

When mother

I try to be tender with parents.I ask parents, than to help.When mother wanted the crepe maker, I bought it as a gift by day mother's births.I wrote to mother verses.Parents presented phone, the computer and a MP player.Parents presented me operation on a back!!!The best gift.It to me will be made in November.Parents presented me life, education and such wonderful family!And still it is a concert of Tokio Hotel group!Parents gave me, of course, my life, my little sister, well and if to speak literally about gifts, it washing a sob .

Ask to read

minutes.Ask to read aloud some of the written biographies.Then authors can present biographies to the partners.Analysis of exercise Whether you learned something new about the person whom you described?What the general between you, than you differ?Whether your biography written by someone to another was pleasant to you?What your major vital purposes currently?Embrace GAME since years Purposes It is very fascinating game which especially is pleasant to children of younger age.

They were

Long they wandered and in the end, exhausted, decided to come back home.Nedale to from the city they decided to have a rest and came into the poor country house.They were accepted by the girl of rare beauty, invited to the house and set the table.At dinner one of brothers asked wines.The girl answered it I you will ask to leave to the yard, to tie the horse to a grapevine, and I will bring wines meanwhile.The guest left to the yard, started looking for a vineyard, but it is vain it did not appear.

It is necessary

It is necessary to pupils to give opportunity to perform educational tasks in the different ways that they among them chose optimum for themselves, but thus it is obligatory to give them help in elimination obviously irrational Rabunsky E.With, .This help is especially important in to work with children and teenagers with SDVG which are often experiencing difficulties at most stoyatelny performance of educational tasks.At first by means of the adult psychologist, the teacher, parents, and then it is independent the child learns to reveal effective ways of activity and fixes those from them, which are acceptable personally for it.

That is, to explain

That is, children need to see to believe.Them it is difficult to understand what they saw.And it must start with the fact that we exist in a perfect, goals lastnum the world, and the same end.To arrange a discussion, to spend the be Seydou.That is, to explain that there is one Nature which leads the person ka to likeness, to equilibrium with It.Exactly.So, we talked about the age of six years.In this age of the child to call the little man.He is already able to judge others, he develops the ability to see the world, if properly to the care Ute.

. I flied

V Written

To that did Kua Foo teach people?How people can protect themselves from a drought?Think up a magic way how to learn to look on soln tse and not to blink.V Written work Think up the tale of the person who managed to make friends with sun.Drawing Draw a magic staff of Kua Foo from which grew persiko vy wood.SONINLAW SUN The fairy tale from Rayetsky Alpov Once very long time ago there lived in the valley at high mountains the kind the person, also was at him four children.

There are children

On this channel must also be explanation of what to do with children's fears, how to live in society.What's the right approach to the fears we should develop the child, what explanation we need to give him?Parents are not capable of it.We must organize for children horo the neck environment, place the child in the group, sports team, where, in support of his comrades, he gained confidence.There are children who are more vulnerable to fears in comparison with others.What is the reason?We said that fears are in the basis of creation, in our desire enjoy, which is the material of creation.

For such

For what, the master was surprised, I received wholly!Yes, the owner confirmed.But that there was money for painting boats, and these I pay for repair.For such trifle?the boatman was surprised.It took away from me it is a little time.I also did not think to ask money for such me loch … This trifle as you call it, the owner of the boat answered, saved life to my children.I forgot about a hole, paid off with you also left on affairs.And children took the boat meanwhile and departured in the sea.

A venue of ig rovy

ui grok can do the deceptive movements.For example, the participant can try you About to be torn from a circle though at it and will not be Games with m of a yachommyach.So far other players will be his der to reap, the participant with a ball can quietly you to run from a circle.To the player who becomes a leader, at once nachis; lyat point.The participant, which for all game of a nabir et the greatest number of points, is considered proij gravshy.Hostages Stock a ball.A venue of ig rovy platforM

High frequency

So, according to our data, the snokhozhdeniye a sleepwalking was noted at % of children from investigated groups.Much more often % of cases met night horrors.High frequency of various speech violations at children with SDVG is mentioned in literature MMD Dykman R.A., Ackerman P.T., .V.M

It is in this

Special of methods of integral education of the just is what it is strives to uncover all the differences, and then these pullPro Fig properties together.It is in this connection opposites born harmony of nature, and it is optimal for each property, because in nature everything, in Ko the final account is reduced to one single property.If we consider separately, men and women, then, of course, everyone has their own preferences and features, but if from the beginning, our goal is to reveal differences for so the best way to connect them together, then this is the opposite the falsity will not cause fear in us.

Mummy, forgive

Candy walls passed enough light, and vsko re from the earth the green sprout seemed.Next day the candy prison gave a small crack.With each new leaflet of cracks in walls became more and more.And when on a sprout there was the first bud, walls shuddered and were scattered.Anton, wake up.You fell asleep in clothes and saw the bad dream the boy heard a voice of mother and opened eyes.Mummy, forgive me Anton asked.It everything because of candies, I ate them too much.It any more not on it is echoed.

Yours is important

Without it they suffer, Perish, vanish.Yours is important them forgiveness, Voskhishchenye, indulgence, There were let they big, Be more tender with theM

Mother too bent

These are lawns, and on them flowers beds explained mother.And there that for giants?the little mouse waved a pad towards the lime avenue.These are trees, lindens, they now blossom and smell sweet mother said and approached a linden.It put a little mouse on the lower branch of a tree, and he began to admire the yellow lime florets.Mother too bent to one with tsvetiya, examining the bee collecting nectar.Suddenly on the square the striking of a clock was distributed.

Have to, but it is not strong. I am indulged

The adult

Correlation exercise grafiches ky schemes and rhythmic chains.The adult gives to the child a card plate with the scheme rit ma also offers say Baume's word, being guided by the scheme.Then gives to the child of cards schemes and asks listen to the tape recorder and pick up the necessary card; choose from the offered cards one and otkhlopay it so, that I guessed that you chose.Options.The adult gives tasks.Think up and lay out the scheme from counters mosaic rit ma.Choose any picture pictures are turned bar Bang, the car, the boy is ill, the girl sleeps.


Why are at enmity with each other?Akkaniydi to people got accustomed, sees is not present among them rovn.One eat nourishingly, in sable caps ryaditsya, on hunting not go, do not graze deer.Others for them an animal trade, cervine herds drive, and are not be full, are dressed poorly, go having bent the head.Regretted these people of Akkaniydi, there was a wish to give it it such pleasure which would never leave theM

You form

Maybe the child cannot understand, but it constantly, with nalevo th age, must hear your attitude to what he is doing.We should all time to talk with your child that he heard This is right and this is not, this is good and this is bad, this is possible, and it is impossible and why.Thus, you build a border around, the environment, the shell in which it essentially is no, and he agrees.You form its attitude to the world, impressions Vesi what you can do and in what form, and it applies to everything.Creature of borders will not find it odd, strange and cruel, as if previously, he was free, and suddenly he is sent to tyrimu Part one This question many sides and there are many related Theo bacillI

[ in the Lancet

In the German doctor of Heinrich Hoffman in a poetic form described extremely the lively child fidget Phillip also nicknamed hiM

Use of projective

Projective drawing.Use of projective drawing in work with the hyperactive the child and especially the teenager helps to reveal the difficulties which are available for it, it emotional state, relation to these or those events.Experts apply use drawing for creation of the favorable psychological atmosphere, for removal emotional and muscular pressure, development of empathy, attention.In process drawing the child with SDVG inclined to manifestation of rough emotions, has opportunity vyples their chickpea on paper, without doing people around of harm and concern.


Appoint one hunter to each players.Hunters Games are equal x sshrlnf the field, and running away freely races go beyond rely on a platforM

They will

Fortunately, they can also learn how to behave, and thus develop.In parallel to this form, I would sometimes created a situation in which children acting together with adults.Seeing that adults and adolescents too faced with various problems and difficulties, they will realize that their classes serious help you become great.It will add value and respect the fact that we now pass theM

On violinists

lines we open both palms and serially we pass fingers of one hand between fingers another.Two little grasshoppers Potopali on the small river.They were afraid of water And in the small river did not bathe.On violinists played All small fishes were scared away.lines index and average fingers of both hands we walk on a table.lines we stroke palms a table surface.lines serially an edge of one palm we pound a lateral surface of the index finger another.

They again

Each of participants tries to grab any subject.That, who was not in time, leaves game.In I follow shch I eat to a game from a circle I clean t still subject.Ostavsh iyesya participants e would gutnut on Q J NI RV G І N І L OF P N P M OF L OF P P Y Y G AT I AM D T AND T TO P P YAR SH to circle.They again to lzh y to seize N on thing, but on e that t of times from game you y here e two.Z about shch the white The stock about tsutstvut.To an olichestvo learning stn and k not less than .

The significant

These changes define decrease the maintenance of a mediator of the chemical intermediary causing carrying out nervous impulses of excitement of dopamine and decrease in functioning dopaminergic to itromediatornoy systems of a brain.The significant role in an origin of SDVG is played by adverse factors during pregnancy and childbirth.The Swedish author of S.of Gillberg noted that at children elderly pervorodyashchy mothers a number of the signs accompanying violations of attention, in particular statikomotor insufficiency, meets by times more often in comparison with children of the young mothers.

How do You think, in what

Only this is important to me.So I worried about their children.For the same reason we care about these children.How do You think, in what form should be discussed?It is not important.The fact that they Express their opinion and involved in this ka strule, it is good.Their brain is working in the right direction together or not?Needless to receive chocolate?Why do that and what for?Could I do it myself?No.And together?Yes.How to be do it together and get only a portion of chocolate or is to remain yourself and call Xia success?

Houses I that

Mother wanted as it is better that I had more opportunities and circles, but everything turns out on the contrary so far.Here it is difficult for me, at school of a problem with children, I am not pleasant to theM

Ulmnmmv. and Ъборо&м. utptrto

It is possible

Instructions to carrying out game It is better to hold this game in the summer.At first it is possible to include not all in game children at the same time and to let out serially at first nannygoats, then calfs, then horses etc.The shepherd and a wolf it is possible to appoint children from senior group.It is possible to include watering place in game children under go to nacherchenny flute, bend down and as if drink water.If the group mixed, children of the identical age it is possible to unite; for example, children of years represent nannygoats, children of years horses etc.

The footpath

They went to a way together with the friend, but pass through the valley it was occupied by the enemy.Around it is week of a way, osazh to the day city not to hold on so much Maxim told also got into mountains, and the friend went to round.The footpath broke and started over again through couple me tr.It was necessary to jump over an abyss.Maxim contracted from horror!I have to the young man told himself and jumped.Maxim, you fell asleep?All left on physical culture, and you you dig.Not the boy, but some dawdler angry the voice of the teacher returned Maxim from dreamland to the rooM

It is given

Look that I found in a cave.It is given accurately got crystal egg from a pocket.Girl began to examine it in the light of a candle.Oh, It is given, there inside the black spider fights.It seems to me, he becomes angry.Wolf, having terribly begun to roar, jumped up and knocked out egg from hands vochka.It was knocked about the stone furnace and burst.Izba reeled, behind a window the whirlwind began to spin.The brother and the sister nestled to each other and with surprise looked, as the wolf again jumped up to egg and got to the core of it the sharp teeth.

When driving

Driving tries to take this cube.Wishing to save him, playing squats, closes a cube hands and by that does not give to it to touch.As soon as the driving departs, playing rises.When driving it is possible to take a cube from two three playing, it is appointed new driving.The general duration of game minutes.Rules of the game Standing in a circle should not take a subject, if it is closed by hands.Not protected cube does p and an ago from circle.He once does not participate in game.


Only The Snow White was more silent and more tender, than her sister.Krasnozorka liked to run and jump on meadows and fields, to collect flowers, to catch singing birdies.And the Snow White remained beside more willingly mothers helped it about the house or read something aloud, when there was nothing to do.Sisters so strongly loved the friend to the friend that everywhere went together, having joined hands.And if the Snow White spoke We never we will leave, Krasnozorka added To those time, are live so far!

My parents

But when mother cries, I do not understand her, but very much I want to learn it.My parents love me, and we together walk with a dog and chi sty aquariuM

Their role

Should act gradually, through people that are popular young people, celebrities.Their role in the process should be re nutritious, literally, for the sake of saving souls.Let them play with the children, rewritten, explain, participate in the forums.And then it will be clear that they have a higher value than those of adolescents.So you can to raise these children, to take something else, to organize clubs for inte the resources.On Facebook there is such a division or all mixed together?All mixed together.That is, without any meaning?


Child, of course reacts to someone's fast movement in a grass at water they cause and curiosity, and shyness.Mother Let's approach closer, Sanechka, we will look, who there?San Jumps!Why jumps?It recedes on a step; excitement remains of two and a half years reached a limit, but it does not know yet to rejoice or to be confused.Mother tenderly, quietly says It is a frog, she so always jumps.Look, jumped to a pond.And now it.Kid Floats!Mother Yes, as the frog ridiculously floats jerks the back pads also moves ahead time, time, time.

In some

When you passed by come by all means, I will accept you, as native son.Thanks, the shooter answered and went home.In some days of arrows again went shooting and nastre lyal there is a lot of game.On the way back he saw widely opened gate.One rich man stayed at home on a carpet near the and drank tea.And at gate, on the street, directly on the earth, in the outlined circle sat some poor.What you sit in a circle?Of what was guilty?asked the poor shooter.I ran into debt to the rich man, and to repay a debt there is nothing.

On three

When parents do not feel sorry for time for communication with the child this manifestation of true love.The toys and things received the child, are forgotten, but the interesting classes given with ro ditel, remain in his soul for the rest of life.One in a family One I am a son at the father with mother, And I in a family darling most.All on light allow me, I native am not abused.On three cinemas I look in day, Also do not shame me for laziness.I will receive any thing, What only I will want.It is a pity, at school of it do not know, I there often am offended.

To such children

Whether everything children fought frankly?What technology of fight appeared the most effective?Whether one of teams win could?Secret gift GAME about the th hash Purposes Many children suffer from a lack of gentle touches.To such children especially it is difficult to feel and realize the rights and the importance.Therefore time is very important from time to offer them opportunity during these or those exercises to receive the gentle physical touches and caress.Besides, this exercise comprises an element mystery and privacy.

Named the sonny

The Lord heard its request, and was born it has a sonny.Such handsome man that the word to tell, pe to describe ruM

Once again

Waits, when water will appear in the pallet.By the way, dear adults, you did not forget that in two hours after watering water needs to be poured out of the pallet?If water got on a table, a window sill, tell We have rags, help me to wipe pots and a table.Remember that all material necessary for work, it has to be available to kids.Once again turn into completion of work attention of children to plants which waters got drunk and tell us thanks.Pertinently in the course of labor actions to read charming verses BB.

It almost

Scared frogs poprya tatsya on minks.The green frog helped a duckling to rise.It almost did not suffer, only a pad by which seized him the crow, was ill.The green frog wrapped up it a leaf podorozh nickname, and they quietly started wandering back, to the coast.The sister told a green frog houses You know, what today were on a glade?You would die from fear.Only we prepared for a concert, as on a glade vle bodies a huge crow with a huge duck.They wanted pouzhi to nat us, but the magic green frog and vstuwas here saw with them in fight.

Material of a grant

Material of a grant is systematized in two chapters and presented in a place actions that found reflection in names of heads The house where we live and For house threshold.The logic of a statement of material is caused by that problems of formation the humane relation of children to the nature it is possible to solve in the small world the kid the house where he lives, or in group of kindergarten at communication with pets, at care of plants, playing with toys, natural material, in a sandbox, reading books.

Ivan behind

There came night, Ivan in bushes hackneyed lies, groans, cannot move.Suddenly on a bush of the village before it ma the lenky birdie and a song gentle started singing.Felt mo lodets that at him suddenly forces increased, rose, and a birdie forward departed.Ivan behind it, the birdie kitchen gardens also brought him to a native log hut.Ivan quickly made rescue a grass and was accepted on a thaw Kam to pour in broth to the mother.At first the old woman lay as not live, but after the first cup her eyelids, after the WTO trembled swarm of a cup cheeks turned pink, after the third cup opened eyes.

But it is also

Napri measures, if in the game Catching of Monkeys for performance of a role hunters to allocate timid children who are confused and cannot show movements, game will lose meaning and value.But it is also impossible to charge responsible and an inta resny roles always to the same children.It is time vivat at one conceit, and at others uncertainty in the forces.If the child is timid, inactive, it is necessary to him to give at first less responsible roles, a nazn to chit, for example the assistant to the fisherman in game Fishermen and small fishes and gradually to bring to execution more difficult roles.


Methods of correctional work drawing attention to the sounding subject; actions according to a sound signal; definition of location and orientation of a sound; oz nakomleniye with character of the sounding subjects; distinction of sounding of noise and protozoa musical tools; storing of sequence of soundings noise to a predma t; distinction of voices; response to sounding loudness; also distinguish recognition scientific research institute of vowels; f f i Library of the Logopedist ' Gu w Development of fonenatichesiy perception in children of early age allocation of words from a speech stream; imitation development to nonverbal and speech sounds; distinction and storing of a chain of onomatopoeias.

So she solved

Kooka threw a log into water the root sank, and top remained above.So she solved the first probleM

And nventar

In certain cases teams manage city all the same after all throw bits in turn.N about luchsh e nevertheless to each command to have the game, a floor the game, city and after every period to exchange theM

Thanks the girl

Be not afraid, it is a leaf of a plantain, it grows lengthways tro kicks, helps at grazes and callosities.You, probably, even you do not know it the gnome goodnatured spoke.Thanks the girl told and enclosed a green leaf in a shoe.Pain, really, decreased.Nina still ho that that to ask bodies the gnome, but on a glade children jumped out, !which the teacher sent to look for the girl.Gnome right there is chez, and the foozle began to look as the most usual stub.Hey, Ninka, you that are lost all the time?

In one of corners

By the end of porridges that rope freight is attached a sack with sand.Ends ropes are put on cubes or pegs.In one of corners of a platform the heron nest is outlined.The tutor appoints one of playing a heron, the others frogs who stand or jump in bog.When all playing accommodated on taken away for them platform sites, the tutor gives a signal tsap la.Vysoyo raising feet, it goes to a bog also steps through a rope to catch frogs.Frogs, escaping from a heron, jump out from a bog, a pra Guy through a rope any spo soby making a start two feet, one foot, from times I run if only to escape from herons.

In order that

The subject can be various snezh Winters Nile igryny fortress, snowman, Father Frost, any fantastic the character, for example Mickey Mouse, the princess, what whether bo the animal or a bird, and can be and the whole zoo.about It is also possible to decorate statues with anything.For example, old clothes, vegetables, mi' Shura to paint with gouache.In order that snow figures not a rassypa foxes, it is possible to pour over them water.The assessment of sculptures requires jury who nibud from adults, for example the teacher.

And mo can be, the child

Which technique You I own Tuite, so I can help the child to overcome the fear of failure?It is a different kind of fear.And here you need to check what causes it low selfesteem, estimates of the environment or evaluation parents.And mo can be, the child is afraid to lose the prize?And then it's the fear of not just rubbed sing failure.But the fear of failure is something common, that is the reason the fact that he has something to lose, not to succeed.And then this fear becomes already in other kinds of fear.

And he presented

And you rise upward.And he presented to the young man on farewell two big pomegranates.Pulled out the young man from a well on this world.He told to the satellites about miracles in a vault, showed grenades.Much merchants marveled.Gave to the young man purses with zoloty mi also gathered already was to start, as towards to them from the desert there was other caravan exhausted with thirst in hot sand.Share with us water!passers begged.From this well any can take water now!

These are children

Grandfather, it from where?the amazed Sergey asked.Tools that?From the village brought, here and prigod foxes at last.Well, I about an album military ask Seryozha started thumbing through the turned yellow pages, to read signatures under photos and pictures of planes.These are children to me for memory an album made, when I it was mobilized.I in war by the technician in airfield served.And before I aviamotor organized a circle in dereven to sky school.

The sun forgave

They cried, with horror looked at the moon and at stars and a thought whether Really, night will never come to an end?The moon saw fear of people and understood that it did.Togas yes she began to ask forgiveness from the sun.She asked that it again rose by heavens, and all returned on the places.The sun forgave the Moon and rose by heavens rather.With that everything in the sky again everything takes its course.People are always glad to the moon and the sun and look at them with lyu bovyyu.Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Present that on the magic rocket you make pute procession along the country of heavens.

Let visit

Connection becomes internal not only to touch each other, but are mutually including all there is.So, are the transition from external connection to the inside?Part two Yes.Just to join them into a single set of required external factor, and that they were involved in each other, had need of discussions within group.Very useful discussions of films, performances.Let visit the court, the hospital, a prison such places cause acute reaction on our lives.What sort out in such discussions?What needs to get out of them?

Players during

The victim changes with him roles.Players during run seek to throw into hawk scarf or the curtailed plait.If they get to it, that is considered the killed.Choose new driving, and game proceeds.Domestic croquet W Stock kroketny hammers and spheres on to number of participants, pegs and gate.Molotoki spheres of each player have to have an odin kovy tags.Number of participants .Rules All participants share on teams, each of to the tory are received by the badge.Playing in blows to Dera vyanny hammer seek to carry out as soon as possible the sphere through a row located in the certain order of gate to the purpose.

Each combination

Jump, will not be mistaken yet.Game begins with the simplest jumps and on sedately becomes complicated.Each combination pryzh k it is carried out at all heights.Quantity pryzh k is determined by age of participants by a kolicha to stvo of years.Each figure in a combination has the name pencil, birch, tyapa t of l & Etc.D The combination can look so both feet from outer sides of elastic bands; jump in elastic bands; to rearrange one foot so that one rubbers it appeared between feet one foot inside elastic bands, the second from outer side; to jump, that the second elastic band of an okaz las between feet now other foot inside elastic bands and to jump out.

Minutes. And now break

There was by a garden

Also children, when were afflicted learned that for one gold not to buy neither a horse, nor a watch with chain, and that on it is necessary very much, it is a lot of money!So annoyingly it became, as do not want to look at the gold.On went to a garden, took seat near and started interpreting the not the come true dreams.There was by a garden a passerby plokhonko dressed with a poor pe chalny person.Uvidala of children, stopped and beggarly looked at them, precisely wanted to tell Regret me, mi ly children, help!

The third

There begins game the extreme at the left.It makes the small movement by any part of the body.Neighbor on the right has to repeat this movement as it is possible more precisely, but having exaggerated it, having made more the expressed.The third repeats the movement of the second too as much as possible precisely, but strengthens and it.And so on until the last makes the movement of la grater most expressed.As a result all five will make the same chosen movement, but everyone with by the force.Then other pupil passes to a place extreme at the left and begins the movement, which the others repeat with the corresponding strengthening.


In turn, the child's parents fill the part of a card in the evening, reporting to tutors information necessary to them on evening pastime of the son or daughter ..in the evening Sasha listened as the father reads him the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood then made drawing to the fairy tale.During drawing it together with the father retold the heard.Watched transmission Good night, kids minutes then played with the brother in designer It ' minutes.Went to bed at o'clock.

For the baby

It is possible to beat figurative toys differently, using elements director's or roleplaying games.For the baby it yet not actually games, and, is rather, minirepresentation from it rather small participation.Children very much like games performances.Try, and at you surely it will turn out!GAMES PERFORMANCES Ouch and teremok!You will cut out a facade from a color cardboard in some minutes not forget that the window has to be present, carefully cut through it edge.Teremok will not fall if you attach an adhesive tape on the back a support uvula, as within for a photo.

Having looked

The small fish plaintively looked on the boy also spoke by a human voice Let me in the sea, the boy!In an award I will give you volsheb ny scissors everything that you them will cut out, will be present.The boy regretted a small fish and released her in the sea.At the very same time in hands it had scissors.Having looked round, the boy saw the big yellow leaf which fell from a tree, lifted it was also cut out by the palace.Suddenly the palace began to increase, grow, did not rise above neighboring hills yet.

The teacher

Then children get up in a circle.The teacher gives to any of them beautiful balloon or flower and go cooks I respect Masha because she never distracts on occupations.Masha gives a ball to the neighbor and speaks to it, for what she respects hiM

They dance

Present that at all people wings grew, and tell, as their life will change.Game Miracles round Us All children ladybugs.They dance to music and flit.Unexpectedly music breaks, and ladybugs fade on a place.Then the teacher touches any of children.That, whom touched, tells, what miracle he saw on zem le, in the sky, in the wood, in mountains etc.and to that this miracle taught hiM

To learn

.Snow on to roof, on porch.Supervision for svezhevypavsh m snow To develop ability to notice neobych at children Nov in the nature newfallen snow, it whiteness, temperature; to awaken interest to to snow as to unusual material in snow there are traces, on it it is possible to draw.To show to children as snow scatters from a wave hands to learn to find traces of people and the the own!, dogs, birdies optional in total at once it is possible to wait to the following supervision.To learn to use signets for snow.To learn to notice beauty in the surrounding After supervision to children it is possible to offer not sharp sticks and signets for independent drawing on snow .

And I under

So always the daughter spoke to me, he sighed.And I under hot hand banished it for it.Where she now to learn!The hansky daughter cast away then a cover and admitted to the father in all.The pleased khan ordered to celebrate a magnificent wedding.Seven days all people at that wedding walked.And I was there, danced and drank.Saw off me with gifts and it is a pity, my donkey in way limped.Halvah from hurdzhin on a crumb got enough sleep, the bouza from a jug to a drop poured out.Was still mutton leg yes a polchureka their hungry dogs took away.

By Dol and I to children

Is of great importance at an explanation of game into nations.The word allocated and underlined I correspond Russian cabbage soup intonation, is of particular importance, special contents.The top of the tutor has to be live, but quiet.The monotonous explanation of game is inadmissible.By Dol and I to children it is specified, it must be kept in mind as all group of N whole, and certain children, considering them features.Addressing to certain children, it is sung the tel has to allocate in the speech that has the direct attitude towards this child.

If children

Whose stories were for you the most interesting?What would tell about you a table at which the teacher sits?Here I what!GAME since years Purposes This game perfectly approaches to start academic year.Children can present themselves to small circle of the schoolmates to tell them about the preferences and interests.If children write still insufficiently fluently, they should distribute previously multiplied questionnaire.For children is more senior more the open questions allowing them to give developed approach and detailed answers.


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