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And mo can be, the child

And mo can be, the child Which technique You I own Tuite, so I can help the child to overcome the fear of failure?

It is a different kind of fear.

And here you need to check what causes it low selfesteem, estimates of the environment or evaluation parents.

And mo can be, the child is afraid to lose the prize?

And then it's the fear of not just rubbed sing failure.

But the fear of failure is something common, that is the reason the fact that he has something to lose, not to succeed.

And then this fear becomes already in other kinds of fear.

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And he presented

And he presented And you rise upward.

And he presented to the young man on farewell two big pomegranates.

Pulled out the young man from a well on this world.

He told to the satellites about miracles in a vault, showed grenades.

Much merchants marveled.

Gave to the young man purses with zoloty mi also gathered already was to start, as towards to them from the desert there was other caravan exhausted with thirst in hot sand.

Share with us water!

passers begged.

From this well any can take water now!

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These are children

These are children Grandfather, it from where?

the amazed Sergey asked.

Tools that?

From the village brought, here and prigod foxes at last.

Well, I about an album military ask Seryozha started thumbing through the turned yellow pages, to read signatures under photos and pictures of planes.

These are children to me for memory an album made, when I it was mobilized.

I in war by the technician in airfield served.

And before I aviamotor organized a circle in dereven to sky school.

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