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So she solved

So she solved Kooka threw a log into water the root sank, and top remained above.

So she solved the first probleM. Then gave it two snakes and suggested to learn, which of them female, and which man's.

To Kook put both snakes for vatu.

One of them curled up a ball, and another began to creep around.

So she learned that the first female snake, and the second the man's.

Here the court was convinced that Kooka offended the khan not on rage, and on the wisdoM. But the khan was dissatisfied with a judgment.

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And nventar

And nventar In certain cases teams manage city all the same after all throw bits in turn.

N about luchsh e nevertheless to each command to have the game, a floor the game, city and after every period to exchange theM. And nventar klekryukha, sticks bats.

On game vy field city a square about hundred is drawn wounds of cM. Having taken steps , m from lines of city, draw a line polugoro yes, a cher ez m a semigame, through m about t a cher you are polugoroda konovy line.

Though r and with standing about game t to city of m ozht to be with and my miscellaneous, in with e e it is worth adhering standard razm er.

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Thanks the girl

Thanks the girl Be not afraid, it is a leaf of a plantain, it grows lengthways tro kicks, helps at grazes and callosities.

You, probably, even you do not know it the gnome goodnatured spoke.

Thanks the girl told and enclosed a green leaf in a shoe.

Pain, really, decreased.

Nina still ho that that to ask bodies the gnome, but on a glade children jumped out, !

which the teacher sent to look for the girl.

Gnome right there is chez, and the foozle began to look as the most usual stub.

Hey, Ninka, you that are lost all the time?

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In one of corners

In one of corners By the end of porridges that rope freight is attached a sack with sand.

Ends ropes are put on cubes or pegs.

In one of corners of a platform the heron nest is outlined.

The tutor appoints one of playing a heron, the others frogs who stand or jump in bog.

When all playing accommodated on taken away for them platform sites, the tutor gives a signal tsap la.

Vysoyo raising feet, it goes to a bog also steps through a rope to catch frogs.

Frogs, escaping from a heron, jump out from a bog, a pra Guy through a rope any spo soby making a start two feet, one foot, from times I run if only to escape from herons.

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In order that

In order that The subject can be various snezh Winters Nile igryny fortress, snowman, Father Frost, any fantastic the character, for example Mickey Mouse, the princess, what whether bo the animal or a bird, and can be and the whole zoo.

about It is also possible to decorate statues with anything.

For example, old clothes, vegetables, mi' Shura to paint with gouache.

In order that snow figures not a rassypa foxes, it is possible to pour over them water.

The assessment of sculptures requires jury who nibud from adults, for example the teacher.

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And mo can be, the child

And mo can be, the child Which technique You I own Tuite, so I can help the child to overcome the fear of failure?

It is a different kind of fear.

And here you need to check what causes it low selfesteem, estimates of the environment or evaluation parents.

And mo can be, the child is afraid to lose the prize?

And then it's the fear of not just rubbed sing failure.

But the fear of failure is something common, that is the reason the fact that he has something to lose, not to succeed.

And then this fear becomes already in other kinds of fear.

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