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Once again

Once again Waits, when water will appear in the pallet.

By the way, dear adults, you did not forget that in two hours after watering water needs to be poured out of the pallet?

If water got on a table, a window sill, tell We have rags, help me to wipe pots and a table.

Remember that all material necessary for work, it has to be available to kids.

Once again turn into completion of work attention of children to plants which waters got drunk and tell us thanks.

Pertinently in the course of labor actions to read charming verses BB.

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It almost

It almost Scared frogs poprya tatsya on minks.

The green frog helped a duckling to rise.

It almost did not suffer, only a pad by which seized him the crow, was ill.

The green frog wrapped up it a leaf podorozh nickname, and they quietly started wandering back, to the coast.

The sister told a green frog houses You know, what today were on a glade?

You would die from fear.

Only we prepared for a concert, as on a glade vle bodies a huge crow with a huge duck.

They wanted pouzhi to nat us, but the magic green frog and vstuwas here saw with them in fight.

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Material of a grant

Material of a grant Material of a grant is systematized in two chapters and presented in a place actions that found reflection in names of heads The house where we live and For house threshold.

The logic of a statement of material is caused by that problems of formation the humane relation of children to the nature it is possible to solve in the small world the kid the house where he lives, or in group of kindergarten at communication with pets, at care of plants, playing with toys, natural material, in a sandbox, reading books.

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Ivan behind

Ivan behind There came night, Ivan in bushes hackneyed lies, groans, cannot move.

Suddenly on a bush of the village before it ma the lenky birdie and a song gentle started singing.

Felt mo lodets that at him suddenly forces increased, rose, and a birdie forward departed.

Ivan behind it, the birdie kitchen gardens also brought him to a native log hut.

Ivan quickly made rescue a grass and was accepted on a thaw Kam to pour in broth to the mother.

At first the old woman lay as not live, but after the first cup her eyelids, after the WTO trembled swarm of a cup cheeks turned pink, after the third cup opened eyes.

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But it is also

But it is also Napri measures, if in the game Catching of Monkeys for performance of a role hunters to allocate timid children who are confused and cannot show movements, game will lose meaning and value.

But it is also impossible to charge responsible and an inta resny roles always to the same children.

It is time vivat at one conceit, and at others uncertainty in the forces.

If the child is timid, inactive, it is necessary to him to give at first less responsible roles, a nazn to chit, for example the assistant to the fisherman in game Fishermen and small fishes and gradually to bring to execution more difficult roles.

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Methods Methods of correctional work drawing attention to the sounding subject; actions according to a sound signal; definition of location and orientation of a sound; oz nakomleniye with character of the sounding subjects; distinction of sounding of noise and protozoa musical tools; storing of sequence of soundings noise to a predma t; distinction of voices; response to sounding loudness; also distinguish recognition scientific research institute of vowels; f f i Library of the Logopedist ' Gu w Development of fonenatichesiy perception in children of early age allocation of words from a speech stream; imitation development to nonverbal and speech sounds; distinction and storing of a chain of onomatopoeias.

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