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The teacher

The teacher Then children get up in a circle.

The teacher gives to any of them beautiful balloon or flower and go cooks I respect Masha because she never distracts on occupations.

Masha gives a ball to the neighbor and speaks to it, for what she respects hiM. Game proceeds until all children will not tell, for what they respect the friends.

After that discuss with children, for what they respect give rise pour, brothers, sisters etc.

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation What qualities in people most of all deserve respect?

What of the listed acts are worthy respect, and what no?

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They dance

They dance Present that at all people wings grew, and tell, as their life will change.

Game Miracles round Us All children ladybugs.

They dance to music and flit.

Unexpectedly music breaks, and ladybugs fade on a place.

Then the teacher touches any of children.

That, whom touched, tells, what miracle he saw on zem le, in the sky, in the wood, in mountains etc.

and to that this miracle taught hiM. For example I saw a multicolored rainbow, and it taught me to draw etc.

As soon as the child tells about this or that miracle, he has the right again to move.

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To learn

To learn .

Snow on to roof, on porch.

Supervision for svezhevypavsh m snow To develop ability to notice neobych at children Nov in the nature newfallen snow, it whiteness, temperature; to awaken interest to to snow as to unusual material in snow there are traces, on it it is possible to draw.

To show to children as snow scatters from a wave hands to learn to find traces of people and the the own!

, dogs, birdies optional in total at once it is possible to wait to the following supervision.

To learn to use signets for snow.

To learn to notice beauty in the surrounding After supervision to children it is possible to offer not sharp sticks and signets for independent drawing on snow .

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And I under

And I under So always the daughter spoke to me, he sighed.

And I under hot hand banished it for it.

Where she now to learn!

The hansky daughter cast away then a cover and admitted to the father in all.

The pleased khan ordered to celebrate a magnificent wedding.

Seven days all people at that wedding walked.

And I was there, danced and drank.

Saw off me with gifts and it is a pity, my donkey in way limped.

Halvah from hurdzhin on a crumb got enough sleep, the bouza from a jug to a drop poured out.

Was still mutton leg yes a polchureka their hungry dogs took away.

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By Dol and I to children

By Dol and I to children Is of great importance at an explanation of game into nations.

The word allocated and underlined I correspond Russian cabbage soup intonation, is of particular importance, special contents.

The top of the tutor has to be live, but quiet.

The monotonous explanation of game is inadmissible.

By Dol and I to children it is specified, it must be kept in mind as all group of N whole, and certain children, considering them features.

Addressing to certain children, it is sung the tel has to allocate in the speech that has the direct attitude towards this child.

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If children

If children Whose stories were for you the most interesting?

What would tell about you a table at which the teacher sits?

Here I what!

GAME since years Purposes This game perfectly approaches to start academic year.

Children can present themselves to small circle of the schoolmates to tell them about the preferences and interests.

If children write still insufficiently fluently, they should distribute previously multiplied questionnaire.

For children is more senior more the open questions allowing them to give developed approach and detailed answers.

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