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The old man spun

The old man spun Drawing Draw a magic pine.

STRAW HATS Japanese fairy tale Very long time ago in the small village there lived a poor old man with the wife.

The old man spun cash desk big straw hats for sale, and his old woman strove on economy.

Once, in the eve of New Year, the old woman looked in the rice also saw a chest that rice there was one pathetic handful.

In that day dropped out snow so deep that they could not collect straw for hats.

The old woman sighed and put on fire water to weld the rice rest.

Here from a mink in a wall there was a little mouse.

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When mother

When mother I try to be tender with parents.

I ask parents, than to help.

When mother wanted the crepe maker, I bought it as a gift by day mother's births.

I wrote to mother verses.

Parents presented phone, the computer and a MP player.

Parents presented me operation on a back!



The best gift.

It to me will be made in November.

Parents presented me life, education and such wonderful family!

And still it is a concert of Tokio Hotel group!

Parents gave me, of course, my life, my little sister, well and if to speak literally about gifts, it washing a sob .

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Ask to read

Ask to read minutes.

Ask to read aloud some of the written biographies.

Then authors can present biographies to the partners.

Analysis of exercise Whether you learned something new about the person whom you described?

What the general between you, than you differ?

Whether your biography written by someone to another was pleasant to you?

What your major vital purposes currently?

Embrace GAME since years Purposes It is very fascinating game which especially is pleasant to children of younger age.

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They were

They were Long they wandered and in the end, exhausted, decided to come back home.

Nedale to from the city they decided to have a rest and came into the poor country house.

They were accepted by the girl of rare beauty, invited to the house and set the table.

At dinner one of brothers asked wines.

The girl answered it I you will ask to leave to the yard, to tie the horse to a grapevine, and I will bring wines meanwhile.

The guest left to the yard, started looking for a vineyard, but it is vain it did not appear.

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It is necessary

It is necessary It is necessary to pupils to give opportunity to perform educational tasks in the different ways that they among them chose optimum for themselves, but thus it is obligatory to give them help in elimination obviously irrational Rabunsky E.

With, .

This help is especially important in to work with children and teenagers with SDVG which are often experiencing difficulties at most stoyatelny performance of educational tasks.

At first by means of the adult psychologist, the teacher, parents, and then it is independent the child learns to reveal effective ways of activity and fixes those from them, which are acceptable personally for it.

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That is, to explain

That is, to explain That is, children need to see to believe.

Them it is difficult to understand what they saw.

And it must start with the fact that we exist in a perfect, goals lastnum the world, and the same end.

To arrange a discussion, to spend the be Seydou.

That is, to explain that there is one Nature which leads the person ka to likeness, to equilibrium with It.


So, we talked about the age of six years.

In this age of the child to call the little man.

He is already able to judge others, he develops the ability to see the world, if properly to the care Ute.

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