My parents

My parents But when mother cries, I do not understand her, but very much I want to learn it.

My parents love me, and we together walk with a dog and chi sty aquariuM. My parents look after us, prepare and love.

They care of me.

Mother cares of me, and the father to me buys everything.

They love me and rejoice that I at them aM. Though my mother sometimes both becomes angry about me and abuses me, but abuses on business, wants that I was clever, kind, spravedl howl, as she.

I feel that mother loves me, because she about me for it botitsya.

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Their role

Their role Should act gradually, through people that are popular young people, celebrities.

Their role in the process should be re nutritious, literally, for the sake of saving souls.

Let them play with the children, rewritten, explain, participate in the forums.

And then it will be clear that they have a higher value than those of adolescents.

So you can to raise these children, to take something else, to organize clubs for inte the resources.

On Facebook there is such a division or all mixed together?

All mixed together.

That is, without any meaning?

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Mother Child, of course reacts to someone's fast movement in a grass at water they cause and curiosity, and shyness.

Mother Let's approach closer, Sanechka, we will look, who there?

San Jumps!

Why jumps?

It recedes on a step; excitement remains of two and a half years reached a limit, but it does not know yet to rejoice or to be confused.

Mother tenderly, quietly says It is a frog, she so always jumps.

Look, jumped to a pond.

And now it.

Kid Floats!

Mother Yes, as the frog ridiculously floats jerks the back pads also moves ahead time, time, time.

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In some

In some When you passed by come by all means, I will accept you, as native son.

Thanks, the shooter answered and went home.

In some days of arrows again went shooting and nastre lyal there is a lot of game.

On the way back he saw widely opened gate.

One rich man stayed at home on a carpet near the and drank tea.

And at gate, on the street, directly on the earth, in the outlined circle sat some poor.

What you sit in a circle?

Of what was guilty?

asked the poor shooter.

I ran into debt to the rich man, and to repay a debt there is nothing.

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On three

On three When parents do not feel sorry for time for communication with the child this manifestation of true love.

The toys and things received the child, are forgotten, but the interesting classes given with ro ditel, remain in his soul for the rest of life.

One in a family One I am a son at the father with mother, And I in a family darling most.

All on light allow me, I native am not abused.

On three cinemas I look in day, Also do not shame me for laziness.

I will receive any thing, What only I will want.

It is a pity, at school of it do not know, I there often am offended.

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