It is possible

It is possible Instructions to carrying out game It is better to hold this game in the summer.

At first it is possible to include not all in game children at the same time and to let out serially at first nannygoats, then calfs, then horses etc.

The shepherd and a wolf it is possible to appoint children from senior group.

It is possible to include watering place in game children under go to nacherchenny flute, bend down and as if drink water.

If the group mixed, children of the identical age it is possible to unite; for example, children of years represent nannygoats, children of years horses etc.

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The footpath

The footpath They went to a way together with the friend, but pass through the valley it was occupied by the enemy.

Around it is week of a way, osazh to the day city not to hold on so much Maxim told also got into mountains, and the friend went to round.

The footpath broke and started over again through couple me tr.

It was necessary to jump over an abyss.

Maxim contracted from horror!

I have to the young man told himself and jumped.

Maxim, you fell asleep?

All left on physical culture, and you you dig.

Not the boy, but some dawdler angry the voice of the teacher returned Maxim from dreamland to the rooM. At least, nobody will stick on the road in other case, to the sports hall the boy thought and was accepted slowly to put textbooks in a bag.

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It is given

It is given Look that I found in a cave.

It is given accurately got crystal egg from a pocket.

Girl began to examine it in the light of a candle.

Oh, It is given, there inside the black spider fights.

It seems to me, he becomes angry.

Wolf, having terribly begun to roar, jumped up and knocked out egg from hands vochka.

It was knocked about the stone furnace and burst.

Izba reeled, behind a window the whirlwind began to spin.

The brother and the sister nestled to each other and with surprise looked, as the wolf again jumped up to egg and got to the core of it the sharp teeth.

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When driving

When driving Driving tries to take this cube.

Wishing to save him, playing squats, closes a cube hands and by that does not give to it to touch.

As soon as the driving departs, playing rises.

When driving it is possible to take a cube from two three playing, it is appointed new driving.

The general duration of game minutes.

Rules of the game Standing in a circle should not take a subject, if it is closed by hands.

Not protected cube does p and an ago from circle.

He once does not participate in game.

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Krasnozorka Only The Snow White was more silent and more tender, than her sister.

Krasnozorka liked to run and jump on meadows and fields, to collect flowers, to catch singing birdies.

And the Snow White remained beside more willingly mothers helped it about the house or read something aloud, when there was nothing to do.

Sisters so strongly loved the friend to the friend that everywhere went together, having joined hands.

And if the Snow White spoke We never we will leave, Krasnozorka added To those time, are live so far!

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