They again

They again Each of participants tries to grab any subject.

That, who was not in time, leaves game.

In I follow shch I eat to a game from a circle I clean t still subject.

Ostavsh iyesya participants e would gutnut on Q J NI RV G І N І L OF P N P M OF L OF P P Y Y G AT I AM D T AND T TO P P YAR SH to circle.

They again to lzh y to seize N on thing, but on e that t of times from game you y here e two.

Z about shch the white The stock about tsutstvut.

To an olichestvo learning stn and k not less than .

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The significant

The significant These changes define decrease the maintenance of a mediator of the chemical intermediary causing carrying out nervous impulses of excitement of dopamine and decrease in functioning dopaminergic to itromediatornoy systems of a brain.

The significant role in an origin of SDVG is played by adverse factors during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Swedish author of S.

of Gillberg noted that at children elderly pervorodyashchy mothers a number of the signs accompanying violations of attention, in particular statikomotor insufficiency, meets by times more often in comparison with children of the young mothers.

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How do You think, in what

How do You think, in what Only this is important to me.

So I worried about their children.

For the same reason we care about these children.

How do You think, in what form should be discussed?

It is not important.

The fact that they Express their opinion and involved in this ka strule, it is good.

Their brain is working in the right direction together or not?

Needless to receive chocolate?

Why do that and what for?

Could I do it myself?


And together?


How to be do it together and get only a portion of chocolate or is to remain yourself and call Xia success?

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Houses I that

Houses I that Mother wanted as it is better that I had more opportunities and circles, but everything turns out on the contrary so far.

Here it is difficult for me, at school of a problem with children, I am not pleasant to theM. Houses I that one because mother comes late.

At mother was there good work and is a lot of money, and here not.

Mother considers that she knows everything better, but I am not sure.

E DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE AT CHILDREN If you often take offense at children, first of all it is necessary a proana to lizirovat the reasons of emergence of offense.

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Ulmnmmv. and Ъборо&м. utptrto

Ulmnmmv. and Ъборо&м. utptrto Rules Participants of game get up one after another and strong hold hands.

Driving the first in a chain has to to run, but not directly, and around, doing sudden on collars to run all over trees etc.

Other participants have to remain in snake to the end of the game, not rasets piv hands.

Those who did not manage it, leave game.

The driving tries that bowled off as it is possible it is more than people.


and Ъборо&м.

utptrto Participants of game Zm an eyka d about lzh N y t p ri gradually about dn oho age, p about that m at what la's m d to shy participants of m about e t t tya e lo to run on an equal basis with starsh to them and.

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