Mother too bent

Mother too bent These are lawns, and on them flowers beds explained mother.

And there that for giants?

the little mouse waved a pad towards the lime avenue.

These are trees, lindens, they now blossom and smell sweet mother said and approached a linden.

It put a little mouse on the lower branch of a tree, and he began to admire the yellow lime florets.

Mother too bent to one with tsvetiya, examining the bee collecting nectar.

Suddenly on the square the striking of a clock was distributed.

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Have to, but it is not strong. I am indulged

Have to, but it is not strong. I am indulged Sometimes mother indulges me when she knows, that without thing I will not be able to make something, and sometimes and the father, when he knows that together with this thing I will improve the re zultat.

Yes, but it is not frequent, differently we will get used to it.

It is more than me in total the sister indulges.

Have to, but it is not strong.

I am indulged by parents and the grandmother they I am loved strongly.

Sometimes it is necessary.

I most of all in a family am indulged by the father, not I know why.

I consider that is possible and even sometimes it is useful, but to indulge on to moderately.

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The adult

The adult Correlation exercise grafiches ky schemes and rhythmic chains.

The adult gives to the child a card plate with the scheme rit ma also offers say Baume's word, being guided by the scheme.

Then gives to the child of cards schemes and asks listen to the tape recorder and pick up the necessary card; choose from the offered cards one and otkhlopay it so, that I guessed that you chose.


The adult gives tasks.

Think up and lay out the scheme from counters mosaic rit ma.

Choose any picture pictures are turned bar Bang, the car, the boy is ill, the girl sleeps.

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Others Why are at enmity with each other?

Akkaniydi to people got accustomed, sees is not present among them rovn.

One eat nourishingly, in sable caps ryaditsya, on hunting not go, do not graze deer.

Others for them an animal trade, cervine herds drive, and are not be full, are dressed poorly, go having bent the head.

Regretted these people of Akkaniydi, there was a wish to give it it such pleasure which would never leave theM. Here evening came, terminated the Sun the way on the sky, dump the elk for the sea to sleephave a rest.

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You form

You form Maybe the child cannot understand, but it constantly, with nalevo th age, must hear your attitude to what he is doing.

We should all time to talk with your child that he heard This is right and this is not, this is good and this is bad, this is possible, and it is impossible and why.

Thus, you build a border around, the environment, the shell in which it essentially is no, and he agrees.

You form its attitude to the world, impressions Vesi what you can do and in what form, and it applies to everything.

Creature of borders will not find it odd, strange and cruel, as if previously, he was free, and suddenly he is sent to tyrimu Part one This question many sides and there are many related Theo bacillI. Do you think that they may have only to confuse?

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