Minutes. And now break

Minutes. And now break Then enter in it missing words.


And now break into the fours and read each other that you wrote.

Compare the answers with answers of other children.

Analysis of exercise With whom from children at you most of all general?

Whose answers seemed to you the most interesting?

What question you were most difficult to answer?

Concentric circles GAME since years Purposes During this exercise children can concentrate on positive sides of the persons and to tell about them to the rest.

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There was by a garden

There was by a garden Also children, when were afflicted learned that for one gold not to buy neither a horse, nor a watch with chain, and that on it is necessary very much, it is a lot of money!

So annoyingly it became, as do not want to look at the gold.

On went to a garden, took seat near and started interpreting the not the come true dreams.

There was by a garden a passerby plokhonko dressed with a poor pe chalny person.

Uvidala of children, stopped and beggarly looked at them, precisely wanted to tell Regret me, mi ly children, help!

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The third

The third There begins game the extreme at the left.

It makes the small movement by any part of the body.

Neighbor on the right has to repeat this movement as it is possible more precisely, but having exaggerated it, having made more the expressed.

The third repeats the movement of the second too as much as possible precisely, but strengthens and it.

And so on until the last makes the movement of la grater most expressed.

As a result all five will make the same chosen movement, but everyone with by the force.

Then other pupil passes to a place extreme at the left and begins the movement, which the others repeat with the corresponding strengthening.

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Watched In turn, the child's parents fill the part of a card in the evening, reporting to tutors information necessary to them on evening pastime of the son or daughter .


in the evening Sasha listened as the father reads him the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood then made drawing to the fairy tale.

During drawing it together with the father retold the heard.

Watched transmission Good night, kids minutes then played with the brother in designer It ' minutes.

Went to bed at o'clock.

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For the baby

For the baby It is possible to beat figurative toys differently, using elements director's or roleplaying games.

For the baby it yet not actually games, and, is rather, minirepresentation from it rather small participation.

Children very much like games performances.

Try, and at you surely it will turn out!

GAMES PERFORMANCES Ouch and teremok!

You will cut out a facade from a color cardboard in some minutes not forget that the window has to be present, carefully cut through it edge.

Teremok will not fall if you attach an adhesive tape on the back a support uvula, as within for a photo.

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