These are children

These are children Grandfather, it from where?

the amazed Sergey asked.

Tools that?

From the village brought, here and prigod foxes at last.

Well, I about an album military ask Seryozha started thumbing through the turned yellow pages, to read signatures under photos and pictures of planes.

These are children to me for memory an album made, when I it was mobilized.

I in war by the technician in airfield served.

And before I aviamotor organized a circle in dereven to sky school.

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The sun forgave

The sun forgave They cried, with horror looked at the moon and at stars and a thought whether Really, night will never come to an end?

The moon saw fear of people and understood that it did.

Togas yes she began to ask forgiveness from the sun.

She asked that it again rose by heavens, and all returned on the places.

The sun forgave the Moon and rose by heavens rather.

With that everything in the sky again everything takes its course.

People are always glad to the moon and the sun and look at them with lyu bovyyu.

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Present that on the magic rocket you make pute procession along the country of heavens.

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Let visit

Let visit Connection becomes internal not only to touch each other, but are mutually including all there is.

So, are the transition from external connection to the inside?

Part two Yes.

Just to join them into a single set of required external factor, and that they were involved in each other, had need of discussions within group.

Very useful discussions of films, performances.

Let visit the court, the hospital, a prison such places cause acute reaction on our lives.

What sort out in such discussions?

What needs to get out of them?

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Players during

Players during The victim changes with him roles.

Players during run seek to throw into hawk scarf or the curtailed plait.

If they get to it, that is considered the killed.

Choose new driving, and game proceeds.

Domestic croquet W Stock kroketny hammers and spheres on to number of participants, pegs and gate.

Molotoki spheres of each player have to have an odin kovy tags.

Number of participants .

Rules All participants share on teams, each of to the tory are received by the badge.

Playing in blows to Dera vyanny hammer seek to carry out as soon as possible the sphere through a row located in the certain order of gate to the purpose.

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Each combination

Each combination Jump, will not be mistaken yet.

Game begins with the simplest jumps and on sedately becomes complicated.

Each combination pryzh k it is carried out at all heights.

Quantity pryzh k is determined by age of participants by a kolicha to stvo of years.

Each figure in a combination has the name pencil, birch, tyapa t of l & Etc.

D The combination can look so both feet from outer sides of elastic bands; jump in elastic bands; to rearrange one foot so that one rubbers it appeared between feet one foot inside elastic bands, the second from outer side; to jump, that the second elastic band of an okaz las between feet now other foot inside elastic bands and to jump out.

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