That is, to explain

That is, to explain That is, children need to see to believe.

Them it is difficult to understand what they saw.

And it must start with the fact that we exist in a perfect, goals lastnum the world, and the same end.

To arrange a discussion, to spend the be Seydou.

That is, to explain that there is one Nature which leads the person ka to likeness, to equilibrium with It.


So, we talked about the age of six years.

In this age of the child to call the little man.

He is already able to judge others, he develops the ability to see the world, if properly to the care Ute.

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. I flied

. I flied Here and one more game imagination let participates in it child.

It is possible to take the book about animals the illustrated editions of type the children's encyclopedia it is published much.

Then Mishutka will be to travel according to pages.


I flied on a samoletika.

also saw butterflies.


What beauties!

However, Sasha?

And then I saw from above the strange fly into a rage.

I do not know, what are their names.

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V Written

V Written To that did Kua Foo teach people?

How people can protect themselves from a drought?

Think up a magic way how to learn to look on soln tse and not to blink.

V Written work Think up the tale of the person who managed to make friends with sun.

Drawing Draw a magic staff of Kua Foo from which grew persiko vy wood.

SONINLAW SUN The fairy tale from Rayetsky Alpov Once very long time ago there lived in the valley at high mountains the kind the person, also was at him four children.

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There are children

There are children On this channel must also be explanation of what to do with children's fears, how to live in society.

What's the right approach to the fears we should develop the child, what explanation we need to give him?

Parents are not capable of it.

We must organize for children horo the neck environment, place the child in the group, sports team, where, in support of his comrades, he gained confidence.

There are children who are more vulnerable to fears in comparison with others.

What is the reason?

We said that fears are in the basis of creation, in our desire enjoy, which is the material of creation.

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For such

For such For what, the master was surprised, I received wholly!

Yes, the owner confirmed.

But that there was money for painting boats, and these I pay for repair.

For such trifle?

the boatman was surprised.

It took away from me it is a little time.

I also did not think to ask money for such me loch … This trifle as you call it, the owner of the boat answered, saved life to my children.

I forgot about a hole, paid off with you also left on affairs.

And children took the boat meanwhile and departured in the sea.

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